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Glass painting Designs: Origin

Glass painting Designs: Origin

Gujarat was the cradle of Glass painting in India. This art painting form made its appearance in the eighteenth century. Glass painting designs and patterns comprises of engravings laid down on the back of the glass, and they are painted from the reverse.

Chinese artists who had settled in Gujarat influenced the local traditions of producing glass paintings designs also known as glass painting art. In India, painting on glass has been carried forward as a treasured legacy and today it is noted for its thematic variety, sheer brilliance, stunning clarity and use of rich colors.

Basic Material and Tools

• Cleaning Fluids / Thinner / Glass Cleaning Solution or Nail polish remover can also be used.

• Painting surfaces ( Glass ,Mirror ,Clear Plastic, Acetate Sheets(transparent sheets) or Bottles )

• Glass Colors (Fevicryl or creative craft) what you prefer

• Outliner readymade or can make at home . Learn to make glass liners at home at

• Cotton Buds & Cotton roll(Cotton buds are invaluable for mopping up the Mistakes.)

• Pattern/Design

So lets start

Clean your glass with Dry cotton then with Glass cleaner or thinner or with water.

Step ---2
Set your Design or pattern under the Glass on a plain surface like Table.

Use the Outliner and Draw the design over the glass.

Then Let the Outliner for some time like 10 to 15 or 20 minutes to dry.

Then color it with your favorite colors. If any color comes out then use cotton buds to adjust it .And Use thinner if any color comes out the Design or dropped on any area of the surface.

Let it Dry....and now your First painting is ready. Frame it and hang it.

Useful tips and techniques to improve glass painting design

• Take a theme if making more than one painting. It could be Krishna, angels, nature or any other of your choice